Jinghong Song – What To Consider Before Writing Your First Book

Jinghong Song has been writing books for a living for many years. Over the years he has published a romance novel and several life coaching books. He is a finance writer as well and plans to write some fiction books in the future. If you are ready to write your first book, there are several things you should consider.

You probably already have an idea for your book, but you really need to think about what the book will be about and what you have planned for your readers. You should also be open to changing your book as you write it. Mr. Song often begins writing a book and then finds that his ideas and plans for it change as he writes. Being open to change allows him to take his books to new levels and include more information than he had originally planned to put into the book.

Before you start writing a book you should think about your audience and who will want to read it. Mr. Song tends to stick to specific book genres and when he writes a book he knows most of the people who read that book will be interested in that topic. He is considering writing fiction books in the future and knows they will be marketed to a completely different audience. He plans to spend some time learning more about his possible audiences so he can make the books he writes more appealing to them.

There are thousands of people writing books at this very minute, and many of those books will have similar topics or storylines to yours. One of the most important things a writer can do is to find a way to make his or her books different from others. Readers do not want to read the same thing over and over again and you will need to find a way to make your book unique. Mr. Song compares his ideas to books with similar topics that are already on the market and finds a way to make his books different so readers are getting new information and a fresh perspective. He never wants his readers to feel like they are reading something they have already read or that they are not learning anything new from his books.

When it comes time to write a book, a lot of time, planning and thought will go into it. Jinghong Song has published many books and makes a living being a writer. If you are thinking about writing a book and aren’t sure where to start, make sure you consider the above points. The more time you take to prepare for your book, the more likely it will be successful.


Jinghong Song – Understanding your Finances

Reaching your financial goals may seem impossible but having a solid plan in place can give you the leg up you need to be successful. Financial writer, Jinghong Song, has been a valuable resource for many who have sought help regaining confidence and getting a firmer grasp on their personal financial situations.

Many financial experts offer common basic ideas to get yourself on the straight and narrow. Here are a few helpful tips to get you pointed in the right direction:

Live within your means. While some things may require a loan (home mortgage, cars, education) going on shopping sprees on your credit card may not be the best idea. Living off of the cash in your bank account keeps you accountable and means you aren’t setting yourself of for a heaping amount of frivolous debt.

Get together. If you share finances with a significant other, make sure you are on the same page. If one of you is a big spender and the other prefers to save, you may see some bumps in your financial life together. Making it work for both of you is key. Possibly setting an “allowance” for spending may help both parties feel like their needs are met.

Sometimes taking a step back, speaking with a professional, and having a new plan for yourself can be all you need to get you on the right path and shine a light on a path that once felt dim. Jinghong Song is one such professional who enjoys working with others and helping them get their finances straight.



Jinghong Song – Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals rise to prominence seemingly happened overnight. For fans such as Jinghong Song, it has been a long time coming. In 2015, the Royals captured their second franchise title and first since 1985. Now with many key players still on their roster, they are geared up for their 2016 campaign to defend their title.

Their pursuit of back to back titles is sure to be filled with an exciting mix of setbacks and accomplishments but the Kansas City Royals have depth on their roster and are built to win for many years in the future. Among the key players on their roster are Edison Volquez, Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, and Wade Davis. With this solid foundation of players and some key role players the Royals currently are on pace to qualify for the 2016 postseason. But the current success hasn’t been without sacrifice. On May 26, 2016, Royals Manager Ned Yost informed the Royal’s fan base that starting third baseman Mike Moustakas would be out for the remainder of the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. While it was quite the setback, the team has rallied around each other to keep their momentum going.

Injuries to key players like Mike Moustakas haven’t deterred merchandise sales or led to a decreased following. With back to back World Series appearances the Royals have gained a plethora of new fans. Which has lifelong fans like Jinghong Song all the more excited. With a rejuvenated fan base and one of the league’s best teams, the Kansas City Royals have exciting games in their future.


Jinghong Song – Traveling the Globe – Covering your bases

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, leaving the country can make even the most frequent flyers nervous. Jinghong Song is a writer and life coach who enjoys spending time around the world and frequently leaves his home in Missouri to travel the globe. As a writer, he enjoys informing others through his work and tries to stay prepared for whatever situation may come his way.

Although it may be impossible to be prepared for every circumstance, maintaining awareness, remaining flexible, and having possible scenarios in mind can keep you safe, on schedule, and as stress-free as possible when leaving your comfort zone.

1. Make copies. Have copies of all important documentation. This will put your mind at ease and ensure you have less of a struggle returning home is any forms of identification are lost or stolen. Some documents you may want to have handy, in digital and paper form, may be a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and insurance card. Leaving copies of these documents with a trusted friend at home may be beneficial as well.

2. Be wise with your money. Call your bank and credit card company to inform them of your travel plans so they won’t become suspicious of fraud. Visit a local bank upon entering a foreign country to obtain local currencies in case you encounter a scenario where you need to have the local currency on hand. Know the conversion rate and be mindful of costs as you spend. You may want to have your credit card information handy, including the phone numbers to quickly reach a representative in the case of stolen cards.

3. Pack smart. If you choose to bring copies of important documents, keep them somewhere separate from any originals. Losing both with your wallet or your luggage defeats the purpose of your well-laid plans in the first place. Have chargers for your devices and make sure you are able to use them in your destination. Come prepared so you aren’t scrambling later.

4. Know your limits. Don’t push yourself. Although setting an itinerary is useful and can keep you from missing some of the important tourist sites that may be on your list, remaining flexible is important for having a good time. Know the hours of operation for venues, look up weather conditions, and have contingency plans if things aren’t going your way.

Keeping important traveling tips in mind can make a huge difference on your traveling experience and how safe you feel away from home. Although Jinghong Song is in his mid-twenties, he is an experienced traveler who has become accustomed to his travel routine and is always well aware of common risks and situations that may alter his plans.


Jinghong Song – Research, Hard & Soft

Conducting good research is a key part of any writer’s strategy, something that Jinghong Song and other successful writers have learned first-hand. No matter how intelligent you are, you will inevitably come across a subject in your writing career that you are not familiar with. That is where research as a skill becomes important. Even if you do have extensive knowledge about a topic, there is usually always something more to learn. That is why it is simply a good practice to research any subject you write about.

When it comes to research, there are two different kinds, one known as ‘hard research’, and then of course, ‘soft research’.

‘Hard research’ is rigorous technical research. It is research with clearly defined values and scientifically proven facts, figures, and statistics. This is hard data in which is backed by even more research and resources that have established credibility. This research is used to stand up to intense scrutiny, and is employed most often in scientific, technology, and academic writing.

On the other side of the coin, ‘soft research’ describes topics that are far more subjective and opinion-based. This means that less resources or credibility is needed, as the subjects covered are not obviously quantifiable. This is common for entertainment writing, opinion columns, writer reviews, and other more casual pieces.

Jinghong Song implements both hard and soft research when doing his work as a finance writer. That is because he makes claims based on opinions that he then backs up with hard researched statistics, figures, and facts, the hallmark of a good writer.

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Jinghong Song – Life Coach Techniques

Jinghong Song has established a career and made a name for himself as a life coach. He accomplished this by publishing a series of successful life coaching books that just cannot seem to stay on the shelves. He has a way with the written word that helps to inspire people. He lays out a well-sculpted program to help people define goals, create an actionable plan to reach each goal, and helps give you the tools to self-motivate long enough to follow through.

Jinghong Song and many other life coaches use three basic techniques to help anyone achieve success. These three techniques are:

  • Accountability: Regularly scheduled calls from a friend or life coach help keep a person on track. Much like a personal trainer at the gym, a persistent life coach motivates a client to set big goals and keep climbing.
  • Expertise: A life coach trains themselves to learn how to be more productive. They have an expertise in time management, energy management, and efficiency. So clients can get more done with less.
  • Delivery: A good life coach has a way with words, a way to motivate a client. They don’t nag clients; they inspire them to become more. A good life coach feeds ambition and drive, keeping you focused and more productive.

Jinghong Song is happy to help people improve themselves. He takes pride and pleasure in aiding others down the winding road of life, helping them set and achieve the goals they have always dreamed of. He has a passion for his craft that has made him successful.

Source(s): http://www.lifecoach.com/what-is-a-life-coach

Jinghong Song – 4 Advantages of Volunteering Your Time to Community Service

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a journalist. He likes to volunteer his time to community service. He is aware of the many benefits of volunteering and how it can affect the quality of life of people in the community.

Advantages of volunteering your time to community service include:

1. Volunteering is fun

Volunteering is a great source of entertainment. It is a good way to relax and relief stress. It can provide you with fulfillment and excitement more than you can imagine.

2. Personal satisfaction

The personal satisfaction that people gain from helping others is one of the major reasons why people volunteer their time to community service. You will experience a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when you volunteer.

3. Networking opportunity

Volunteering your time to community service will help you to meet people and make new friends. It will also help to strengthen your old ties.

4. It helps to develop valuable life skills

When you volunteer your time to community service, it will help to shape your character and develop your communication skills and teamwork ability.

Volunteering will help you to develop personally and also help to strengthen the community and make it a safer and better place.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and the author of several life coaching books. He has passion for helping others through volunteering and he knows that it is a great way to give back to the society. Furthermore, he has interest in baseball and journalism.