Jinghong Song – Traveling the Globe – Covering your bases

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, leaving the country can make even the most frequent flyers nervous. Jinghong Song is a writer and life coach who enjoys spending time around the world and frequently leaves his home in Missouri to travel the globe. As a writer, he enjoys informing others through his work and tries to stay prepared for whatever situation may come his way.

Although it may be impossible to be prepared for every circumstance, maintaining awareness, remaining flexible, and having possible scenarios in mind can keep you safe, on schedule, and as stress-free as possible when leaving your comfort zone.

1. Make copies. Have copies of all important documentation. This will put your mind at ease and ensure you have less of a struggle returning home is any forms of identification are lost or stolen. Some documents you may want to have handy, in digital and paper form, may be a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and insurance card. Leaving copies of these documents with a trusted friend at home may be beneficial as well.

2. Be wise with your money. Call your bank and credit card company to inform them of your travel plans so they won’t become suspicious of fraud. Visit a local bank upon entering a foreign country to obtain local currencies in case you encounter a scenario where you need to have the local currency on hand. Know the conversion rate and be mindful of costs as you spend. You may want to have your credit card information handy, including the phone numbers to quickly reach a representative in the case of stolen cards.

3. Pack smart. If you choose to bring copies of important documents, keep them somewhere separate from any originals. Losing both with your wallet or your luggage defeats the purpose of your well-laid plans in the first place. Have chargers for your devices and make sure you are able to use them in your destination. Come prepared so you aren’t scrambling later.

4. Know your limits. Don’t push yourself. Although setting an itinerary is useful and can keep you from missing some of the important tourist sites that may be on your list, remaining flexible is important for having a good time. Know the hours of operation for venues, look up weather conditions, and have contingency plans if things aren’t going your way.

Keeping important traveling tips in mind can make a huge difference on your traveling experience and how safe you feel away from home. Although Jinghong Song is in his mid-twenties, he is an experienced traveler who has become accustomed to his travel routine and is always well aware of common risks and situations that may alter his plans.