Jinghong Song – 4 Advantages of Volunteering Your Time to Community Service

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a journalist. He likes to volunteer his time to community service. He is aware of the many benefits of volunteering and how it can affect the quality of life of people in the community.

Advantages of volunteering your time to community service include:

1. Volunteering is fun

Volunteering is a great source of entertainment. It is a good way to relax and relief stress. It can provide you with fulfillment and excitement more than you can imagine.

2. Personal satisfaction

The personal satisfaction that people gain from helping others is one of the major reasons why people volunteer their time to community service. You will experience a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when you volunteer.

3. Networking opportunity

Volunteering your time to community service will help you to meet people and make new friends. It will also help to strengthen your old ties.

4. It helps to develop valuable life skills

When you volunteer your time to community service, it will help to shape your character and develop your communication skills and teamwork ability.

Volunteering will help you to develop personally and also help to strengthen the community and make it a safer and better place.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and the author of several life coaching books. He has passion for helping others through volunteering and he knows that it is a great way to give back to the society. Furthermore, he has interest in baseball and journalism.


Jinghong Song – How to Build a Successful Career

Building a successful career requires commitment, perseverance and focus. Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a dedicated journalist. He knows that building a successful career is a long-term process that will require your time, money and energy. Therefore, you need to take responsibility for your career and be willing to pay the price necessary to make it successful.

Here are five tools to help you build a successful career:


Without adequate planning, it will be difficult to build a successful career. Develop a good plan that will guide you and motivate you to achieve success in your career. Also, develop suitable strategies and set smart goals.

Stay informed

Acquire up-to-date information regarding new technologies and processes in your industry. In order to build a successful career, you need to invest in yourself. Join a professional association and attend relevant seminars, workshops and trainings.

Get a mentor

The importance of mentoring to building a successful career cannot be overemphasized. A professional mentor can help to fast-track your career development and also help you to avoid many pitfalls in your career.

Manage your time effectively

Your career success is dependent on how well you manage your time. Plan your tasks appropriately and commit to those activities that will help to build your career.

Be disciplined

An important ingredient that you need to build a successful career is discipline. Discipline will help you to stay focused and achieve your career goals.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a freelance journalist. He is also the author of several life coaching books. He is passionate and dedicated to making a difference through his writing. He has interest in baseball and football.