Jinghong Song – Dedicated to Global Issues

Jinghong Song is dedicated to his career as a freelance journalist and writer because of the people he is able to help in the process. By using his connections in the journalism world, he is able to reach a large audience regarding the topics he feels are the most important for others to understand, including global climate change.

Humans have expedited the inevitable warming of the planet exponentially. Though part of our strength is the ability to develop new technologies to make our lives easier, these new technologies have had a horrible impact on the health of the planet. The industrial revolution sparked a new age in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world in terms of technology. We have only continued to expand on these discoveries as the years go by, but we have lost sight on the effect it’s had on the planet.

However, Jinghong Song explains in his articles that global warming can be slowed just as much as it can be sped up; by using our resources and new technologies to discover renewable energies, as well as developing plans to be more self-sustainable, we can slow the effects of global warming on the planet for future generations.