Jinghong Song – Dedicated to Global Issues

Jinghong Song is dedicated to his career as a freelance journalist and writer because of the people he is able to help in the process. By using his connections in the journalism world, he is able to reach a large audience regarding the topics he feels are the most important for others to understand, including global climate change.

Humans have expedited the inevitable warming of the planet exponentially. Though part of our strength is the ability to develop new technologies to make our lives easier, these new technologies have had a horrible impact on the health of the planet. The industrial revolution sparked a new age in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world in terms of technology. We have only continued to expand on these discoveries as the years go by, but we have lost sight on the effect it’s had on the planet.

However, Jinghong Song explains in his articles that global warming can be slowed just as much as it can be sped up; by using our resources and new technologies to discover renewable energies, as well as developing plans to be more self-sustainable, we can slow the effects of global warming on the planet for future generations.


Jinghong Song – Gathering Newsworthy Information for a Story

Jinghong Song is a professional journalist and author who has always been passionate about writing. He has been published by some of the major publications in the journalism industry, which has enabled his to reach an audience that spans the world. However, many times throughout his career he has felt the need to report stories that can have a major impact on the rest of the world.

Gathering information during a report on a newsworthy topic takes some planning. Most of a journalist’s job responsibilities revolve around gathering information rather than writing it, which means that the majority of the job is asking questions. Not only do you have to know where to start looking, but you also have to know the right questions to ask when you get a lead on an important aspect of the story. For example, when a story centers on a specific industry, it would be a good idea to talk to professionals working within the industry itself in order to gain some basic knowledge on the topic.

Jinghong Song always asks himself the basic questions when he begins reporting a major news story: What is my story about? Who does it involve? How do I begin my search in the field? These questions will help you start when developing a story.

Jinghong Song – How to Be a Freelance Writer

Jinghong Song is a professional writer who writes successfully for a number of different publications around the world. He is also the author of several life coaching books. He has wanted a career in freelance writing since he was little. Although he has made a lucrative career out of the industry, freelance writing isn’t for everybody, and it takes a lot of work in order to develop the contacts you need to be successful.

As a freelance writer, you are essentially employing yourself. This sounds appealing to many people at first, but that’s before they realize that they will be responsible for supplying the necessary equipment, tools, and stories to cover. Generally, this means that every freelance writer not only has more than one job, but jobs in completely different industries in order to finance the writing ventures on their own. Until you establish the necessary contacts in order to get steady work, freelance writing is based on the availability of your own resources. You have to be willing to do what it takes to create a certain level of success for yourself before it becomes a lucrative career.

Jinghong Song understood that the beginning of his freelance writing career wouldn’t be easy; he had to work as a bartender in St. Louis, Missouri before he was able to gain enough success to have steady work in the industry. Now, he has more work than he needs.